We know how hard and overwhelming it is when you are trying to choose from ALL the beautiful shades of lip products, your ideal foundation shade or from the various skincare products we offer, so if you need help, we are more than happy to help you find what's best for you! Just send us a message, our contact details are located in the bottom of the page. If you want have specific product recommendation inquiries however, you can send a message via Viber to (0917) 554 3644 as well!

We are always excited to try out new brands and products so please feel free to give us your suggestions as to which brands and products you want us to carry by dropping us a message. Who knows, you just might see it here someday!

As you may have noticed, we don't really carry foundations or concealers - especially ones with an extensive shade range, this is because we believe that one, two or even five shades DO NOT fit all. Every one of us have different coverage and texture preferences, and as much as we want to provide you every option available in the market right now, we are currently unable to do so and we would not want to just push the ones we have just to make a sale. Instead, we suggest that you check out the many brands we offer preorders for, many of which we know offer GREAT base products - one of which we know will be your perfect match.

If you need shade recommendations, please feel free to send us a message anytime and we will gladly help you with your search for YOUR best match!

Here at YourGlowgetters, the product you will be receiving is 100% guaranteed authentic.

We purchase directly from the brand's official website or order from their authorized resellers to ensure that our products are authentic.

Some of our prices may be higher than other sellers, but at least you know that what you are getting is authentic. And don't worry, as much as possible, we try to price our products fairly. 

Before we ship out your orders, we do a final check on the products to make sure that it is in perfect condition - both from its physical appearance and whether something smells wrong (usually a good indicator that something is wrong with the product). Please be assured that we will not ship you products that is below the standard we know you deserve.

It is also our practice to not place a huge order from our suppliers, we usually place orders with quantities that we know are just enough to ensure a good turn over time for each of our products to ensure maximum newness or freshness for our customers.

We will be setting a maximum quantity per order for specific items wherein we are unable to control the stock allocation due to stock availability of our suppliers. We hope for your understanding as we try to stabilize the stock level of our store in order to cater to all our customers. The limits set for each product will vary from time to time and we may remove limitations from some products if we know that the stock level from our suppliers will remain healthy.
We hold discount events for all products several times a year so please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our promo and sale events! However, please note that there will be brand exclusions for all-product-discounts - all products from Glossier and The Ordinary are excluded from our sale events.
Sorry, but as much as we want to include free samples in every order, we do not have enough samples to do so. So instead, we have decided to sell them at a fair price to help with our expenses so we could keep our product prices fair and as low as possible.


Instructions on how to place preorders is located at the Preorder Page.
All the brands we are currently offering preorders for are listed at our Preorder Page. We are usually able to order any product from the brands listed there depending on stock availability.

However, if the brand you are looking for are not listed at the Preorder Page, please feel free to contact us and we will let you know if we can help place an order for you!

We offer preorders from Sephora US but only during their bi-annual VIB sales and only for a limited period of time. But don't worry because we will post an announcement when we open our preorders.

However, if you want to be the first to know about the opening of Sephora preorders, please do not forget to sign up for our newsletter! Promise, we won't flood your inbox!

Savvy tip: Sephora US VIB sales are usually help on April and November ;)

You can place a preorder for the available brands at the Preorder page anytime!
Only Sephora US Preorders have a preorder deadline - usually depending on the VIB sale duration.
We will require a 50% downpayment for all preorders. However, you have the option to pay in full. If that's the case, we will ship out your order as soon as it arrives!

Please note that preorder downpayments are NON-REFUNDABLE and are considered final. This is due to the fact almost all our suppliers do not accept returns and exchanges as well so please be 101% sure before placing an order.
Waiting time for regular preorders is 1-2 weeks.
Sephora US preorders usually take at least 4-6 weeks to arrive.

However, custom clearance or other issues beyond our control may arise and cause delays on the arrival of your order. Please be aware that for preorders, there is always a possibility of delay so please be extra patient. 


Unfortunately, we do not allow exchange or returns.

However, in the unlikely event that you receive an item that is incorrect, damaged or if an item is missing from your order, please contact us within 48 hours upon receipt.
Please note that if the product must be in its original purchase condition. It should be not have been opened, used, marked or tampered with in any way. We have the right to decline complaints if we believed there was a customer error or fault.