Roen Beauty Disco Eye Single Eyeshadow
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Roen Disco Eye
Roen Beauty

Disco Eye Single Eyeshadow

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One shade to rule them all, and in the darkness… blind them. Clean, vegan, gluten- and cruelty-free, RÓEN’s breathtakingly beautiful Disco Eye shadow – or ‘Illume’ as the brand calls their signature, butter-soft pans of pressed pigment – is dreamily creamy and seamlessly blended to flatter the spectrum of skin tones and eye colors. Glitter for grown-ups, this ultra-glam ‘topper’ looks gorgeous alone or on top of your favorite eyeshadow to lend an ethereal veil of soft, sparkling lamé that instantly upgrades your look from ‘just fine’ to sublime… think: Studio 54 glamour and get set to turn heads for all the right reasons (no catsuit or white horse required). We’re smitten…

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