Laura Mercier Foundation Primer for dry skin
Laura Mercier

Foundation Primer

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When we think of cult primers, we think of Laura Mercier’s classic Foundation Primer, a formula that you can count on, no matter what you’ve got lined up! Unlike most other primers, Laura Mercier’s benefit from a lightweight, water-based formula that focuses on hydrating parched skin, combining this with a minimal concentration of silicones, which help to create a super-smooth canvas. 

Enhanced with a potent cocktail of antioxidant vitamins and a moisturizing formula that creates a protective barrier this Hydrating Foundation Primer goes above and beyond the duties of an average primer. The most universal primer from the range, reach for this after you’ve completed your skin care routine to create an even base for make up which will glide on easily, evenly and will last longer than you could possibly wish for, holding onto its colour-true pigmentation. 

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